About Us

Chillin Chameleons is a collection of 5,005 uniquely generated Chillin Chameleons NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain for 0.08Ξ. The 5,005 Chillin Chameleons help make up a part of our growing ecosystem. Our Chameleons are known for being chill, fun, inspiring, and sometimes a bit crazy. Members of the Chillin Chameleon community help save our environment one step at a time, all while having a good time doing so!

7% of primary sales will go to Pro2tect along with 15% of the royalties made in order to help fund beach cleanups, pyrolysis plant feasibility report, and more community events.


Mission Statement
Chillin Chameleons is not just about unique art and community. Our mission goes beyond that.
We are proud to be partnered up with pro2tect in order to fight the global plastic problem we are facing. The Increase in plastic waste and inadequate disposable solutions is a problem which is affecting our environment.
Pro2tect takes full advantage of the most innovative technologies to deal with ocean waste. Pro2tect has plans of installing the first pyrolysis plant in hawaii to turn plastic into biofuel.
As the world of blockchain technology continues to grow, we have plans and milestones in place to take our project to new heights and drive immense value for our supporters.
With our network of influencers and supporters of our cause, we have a collective reach of over 20 million people!
This can all be made possible with the contribution of our chillin chameleon community. A community that is based around unity and giving back!

Green Paper

How We Grow In Value

Trash Slash Game

Chillin Chameleon holders will get exclusive access and cool new rewards too! This is like the next fruit ninja and we hope you like it!

Founders Bios

We are here to bring unity and create a more sustainable environment. Unlike other NFT projects, we are backing a non-profit organization called Pro2tect,

who are dedicated towards turning trash into renewable energy. A portion of all money raised will be given to Pro2tect in order to help raise the quality of life for all!

Kellan - Serves as the chief executive officer and is the man with a plan. He helps with marketing outreach to get the right influencers, budget organization, brand development and most important boosting morale. Along with his massive following on youtube, instagram, and tiktok: He has helped create long term partnerships with major nonprofit organizations such as pro2tect.

Darren - Fryer is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, skim boarder and lives for the ocean. With a passion for the water and the power of liquid therapy. He has developed an innovative nonprofit, pro2tect, that joins the two worlds of technology and ocean conservation.

Nell - Is an artist born and raised in chicago. He grew up in a single parent household with nothing but his sketchbook. After years of hard work and sacrifices made in his personal life. He now serves as the chief design officer. Through his talented art pieces he is looking to inspire the next generation of designers.

Sam Elfarra - Currently serves as the president/chief financial officer. He has a background in finance with experience in blockchain consulting. When he is not playing basketball, he is helping to organize all marketing, finance, Legal, and tech operations. Other than being a discord admin, he also helps run all social media accounts and is an influencer.

Oscar wulf - Oscar serves as the vp of operations. he has a background in business, sales, marketing and finance. He helps with brand development, marketing, internal works and is a discord moderator for the chillin chameleons.